“The Exceptional Patient Experience” Training Program

This 3-hour interactive small group workshop is guided by 3 facilitators, including 2 experienced, specially trained actors. In this course participants will learn how to understand the importance of using compassionate body language to create a positive experience for both the patient and caregiver. Participants will experience and learn to apply simple, effective, easy to apply acting tools and techniques that enable the caregiver to effortlessly build harmony with their patients. Course registration includes:

  • 3-hour Interactive Workshop
  • Comprehensive reference materials for participants
  • Reference Manual and Powerpoint for administrators/auditors
  • Evaluation form for administrators/auditors
  • Employee evaluation Zoom workshop for administrators/auditors

“New Hire Workshops”

This 3-hour program is essentially the same program as above with modifications designed to introduce newly hired employees to the Act In Service patient experience culture they will be joining in your institution. Patient encounter characteristics that may be unique to your institution will be addressed in this workshop so as to ensure a smooth transition for the newly hired employee entering your facility

“Exceptional Patient Experience” Refresher Course

This 3-hour interactive workshop can be designed and offered as a general refresher for previous alumni of the program to refresh and invigorate their knowledge and application of these skills.

Group of 10 or More Participants

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