ACT In Service

About ACT In Service

Our name describes our mission to provide caregivers the tools to effortlessly create an enhanced compassionate interaction with each patient. Our objective is threefold:

• To provide the best possible treatment experience for each patient.

• To create a more satisfying, less stressful environment for the caregiver. 

• To provide the facility with a turnkey system to build a culture of and reputation for excellence in compassionate patient care.

Beth Chamberlin is the Founder, Owner and President of Act In Service, Inc. She has been a working, successful actress for over 35 years. She has employed her combined experiences of acting in all media - stage, film and television, and her extensive formal training in the dramatic arts to create a the simple, easy-to-use, powerfully effective training program that is "Act In Service”.

About Dr. Peter Roy

Dr. Peter Roy has been a licensed, practicing Doctor of Chiropractic for 32 years. His understanding of patient communication developed over 3 decades of patient interaction are instrumental in the design and delivery of the Act In Service “Enhanced Patient Experience Training Program.” He functions as the Director of Training for Act In Service, Inc.

ACT In Service

Our Applied Compassion Training takes the patient experience to the next level. Act In Service is a healthcare services company dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and improving patient caregiver interactions.

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