Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a culture of compassionate care and enhanced patient service experience that is generational and self-sustaining at each healthcare organization and facility that we encounter. Our results show that by implementing the simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful techniques created by ACT In Service,every caregiver will enjoy an improvement in their interactions with patients, a more gratifying experience for themselves in their contacts with patients and an overall enhancement of their work environment and the outcomes achieved by their patients.

Our Vision

To be an agent of change in healthcare, helping every organization to build success through the creation of an inspired and engaged workforce in a culture of compassionate care.

Our Mission

To bring a sense of community to the healthcare setting.

Our Core Values

Respect for the individual

We believe that compassion in the healthcare setting begins with leadership and extends down throughout the organization toward every individual employee. When caregivers in a healthcare facility experience an environment in which they are trusted, valued, respected and where they have a sense of belonging, these caregivers then create a welcoming community where the patient enjoys the very same feelings and experiences. When caregivers feel satisfaction and pride in their work their patients will feel cared for, valued and safe. These patients will be happy and they will be loyal.

ACT In Service

Our Applied Compassion Training takes the patient experience to the next level. Act In Service is a healthcare services company dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and improving patient caregiver interactions.

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