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Putting the Human Back in Healthcare. Act In Service is a healthcare services company dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and improving patient quality of life through compassionate, engaged caregiver-patient interactions.

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To create an enhanced patient experience from the first touch point.  Our tools will help your facility create a self-sustaining culture of compassionate, engaged care for patients as well as a healthy, fulfilling work environment for employees.  

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The Whole Patient

Patient satisfaction and outcomes are not only based on the objective measurements of care, but the subjective measurements as well. Patients today want excellent health care and they also want to know they are seen as a person, not just a disease or injury. They need to feel that they are receiving compassionate, concerned and engaged care from their healthcare professional.

Employee Retention

Burnout rates of staff at healthcare facilities is high. Our training helps reduce stress-inducing confrontations with patients. Through creating awareness of negative and positive body language, by using simple reframing and positive engagement techniques, staff is empowered to reduce friction and increase positive, satisfying interactions.  

A New Standard in Healthcare

Multiple patient studies have shown that patient quality of life and outcomes are heavily impacted by the patient’s perception of their care. Recognizing that not only the body, but the mind and spirit of the patient need thoughtful attention creates congruency between high objective and high subjective measurements of care.

Your Organization

By use of the techniques learned in our workshops and subsequent support systems, we can help you create a cultural change within your organization. A change that results in long-term, high quality employee retention, high patient satisfaction and increased Medicare Star ratings.

Who Can Benefit?

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